Thanks to our rep Brett Ashy of the Ashy Agency who recently made an introduction with us to FX Networks. We quickly got to work concepting multiple ideas for the ID and our very own Brian Smith had a brilliant idea to show off a great battle between a Bear and an Eagle over a pile of ICBM’s. A perfect metaphor!

This is another great piece that represents Cardboard Castle's desire to continually set the bar higher and higher. Our team is always up for the challenge and with the introduction of the bear and the eagle we have added a few new tricks up our sleeve.


FX Network:
President Marketing & On-Air Promotions, FX Networks: Stephanie Gibbons
SVP On-Air Promotions, FX networks: John Varvi
SVP Broadcast Design, FX networks: Steve Viola
VP On-Air Promotions, FX networks: Garrett Wagner
VP Broadcast Design, FX networks: Albert Romero
Creative Director, Broadcast Design, FX networks: Andre Carbonari
Director Production, Broadcast Design, FX networks: Dara Barton
Director of 3D, Broadcast Design, FX networks: Kelly Chang

Cardboard Castle:
Creative Director: Cooper Johnson
Executive Producer: Alicia Johnson
Lead Producer: Richard Hasson
Project Lead, Lead Animator, Compositor, Sound Design: Dylan Leeds
Lead CG Artist, Lighting and Textures: Brian Smith
Designer, Lead Compositor, Flag Animation: Blain Klitzke
Character Sculptor: Bayard Baudoin
Animation Support: Jesse Liebhart, Griffen Snow