Thanks to Design Week Portland, we had the opportunity to participate in our first event! Each year, agencies, studios, museums, and businesses host open houses and events to showcase the incredible designers and artists who continue to draw the world’s eye to Portland. Cardboard Castle’s team pulled together to create an amazing animated video and sound installation inspired by the mysteries of the sea. Our illuminated windows transformed into a virtual aquarium filled with particle-spurting jellyfish, ghostly whale sightings, pixelated fish, and exotic sea plants.

The electric visual display drew in crowds of people of all ages. Groups of children gathered out front to chase the brightly colored jellyfish as they swam across the windows, while others came inside to say hello and speak with the artists. Upon entering our studio, the visual experience was combined with an ambient audio element with subtle sounds of the sea incorporated throughout.

To accomplish great design is to make it accessible and meaningful, and we feel we accomplished both. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to share our work with the people in our community. The turnout was overwhelming, and the crowd was extremely gracious and fun. Thank you to everyone who showed up for our open house!! Keep your eyes open for future projections. We are already working on a Halloween treat for your visual enjoyment!